Monday, June 30, 2008

HOV @ Glastonbury

Jay Z is the true Jordan of the game. He killed the Glastonbury festival. Noel Gallagher said in quote "Jay Z would have no fucking chance at Glastonbury", and Jay Z made him eat every word. At the beginning of the concert he, came out singing one of Gallagher's songs "wonderfalls" mocking him, and then afterwards he performed "99 problems" directing the chorus to him ("99 problems but a bitch ain't one"). Jay showcased some of his greatest hits and had the crowd screaming JAY Z JAY Z JAY Z. HOV made history there, He as the FIRST Hip Hop act to make headlines in Glastonbury. HOV still got it.
You can see it all here :

Friday, June 27, 2008

Chad Muska

Many have known this man just to be an amazing skateboarder, but he is much more. Chad was born in Ohio but later moved to Arizona where he first started skateboarding. Chad's parents got divorced and since things weren't good at home he moved on his own to California as a teen. After a few years of grinding and struggling in Cali, Chad got picked up by a major skateboard sponsor and became a Successful professional skateboarder. Over the span of his successful career, he developed many sponsors such as Supra, Toy machine, Element Skateboards, C1RCA, KR3W , and Shorty's. Some of these sponsors set free his passion for designing clothing and shoes. He is the designer behind the famous Chad Muska Supra Skytops. After his success in skateboarding, he set on a different path, MUSIC. He produced a hip hop album called MuskaBeatz featuring renown artist such as Afrika Bambaataa, Reakwon, Special Ed, KRS-One, Biz Markie, Flava-Flav, Ice-T, and Prodigy. Chad can also be found Dj-ing around LA. Chad Muska is a Skateboarder, clothing designer, music producer, a straight up entrepreneur, and a man to be admired .

The Glow in the Dark Tour

The Glow in the dark tour has been a big success. Every review I have read so far has said it was a great show. From what I read and heard, the affects were was one of the best parts of the Show. And you can't beat the performers of the concert. Kanye is a born entertainer, and he prides himself one pleasing his fans. Lupe, N.E.R.D, and Rihanna are prone to have great performances due to there successful album releases (The cool, Seeing Sound, Good girl gone Bad: reloaded). In my opinion, any show with Kanye, Lupe, and Pharrell on the same stage, will be a great show.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Air yeezys release

The approximate air yeezy release date has been released!Some sources say that they are prepared to release in late August or early September but nothing is sneakerheads everywhere need to get there money ready because when they do release, it will only be for a limited amount of time. New color ways have also leaked. Kanye has been seen posted with tan, red and white yeezy's on his feet. There has also been a pair designed for Tinker Hatfield, a co-creator of the shoe.