Sunday, November 30, 2008

My first vid-shop gentei

bmore freshness from Zamark Fleming on Vimeo.

This video not done, got more to add hence the to be continued at the end but yea this my first vid, not perfect but will get better with every vid, look at this as a prototype. Tell me what think......peace and much love

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Play cloths

The Clipse recently dropped a clothing line called "Play Cloths" and this shit is hot. It was released at Commonwealth last Friday and if your into urban fashion you HAVE to check it out. Imma have to make a trip to DC to cop some. Here are some pictures, you be the judge.


For the past few days i been listening to Q-Tip's album the Renaissance and its one of my favorite albums this year. You can tell this man man put every thing he has into this album. He is the true definition of a hip-hop artist. He produced all his songs on hos CD except for one called Move which was produced by none other than J Dilla. His lyrics are sick and his flow comes so natural, it's like it's second nature to him. My favorite part of the CD is that its a conscious record. None of the songs are derogatory in any way. This man is a true role model for me. From the times of A Tribe Called Quest all the way up to now, he's just been an inspiration to me. His chill demeanor and positivity is something I admire. I try to carry myself in a similar way. But yea if your looking for hip hop to listen to, PLEASE check out The Renaissance.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


YES WE CAN...NO,YES WE DID! I'm am truly thankful to have had the opportunity to vote in this election. I feel like I'm apart of history now. This was the most important election for me and African Americans across the nation. Not saying that we as a people voted for him just because he was black because statistics show otherwise, but because our forefathers faught so hard for an opertunity like this. This is more evidence that our forefathers blood, sweet and tears weren't in vain. From times of slavery, all the way up to Dr. King and cival rights, none of it was in vain. I remember growing up , we didn't beleive it was possible to have a black president and now its finally here. And we couldn't have a better representative for our people and our country. Barack Obama is a great man. I can proudly say he is my president. A lot of people couldn't say that with previous presidents. I feel like when i grow old I can have a story to tell my kids and grand kids.