Monday, January 12, 2009

the future of hip hop

I been listening to a lot of the new artist coming up today and I believe hip hop has found new vessels to live through. There's a lot of of new talent coming up and I got to give it to the City of New York for birthing the most hip hop talent. Here is MY list of hip hops most talented and gifted freshman, and my favorite songs by them.

The Future of Hip-Hop
  • Mickey Factz-bronx, New York
  • Charles Hamilton-Harlem, New York
  • Blu-Inglewood, California
  • Kid Cudi-Clevland, Ohio
  • Pac Div-California
  • Cory Gunz-Bronx, New York
  • Asher Roth- Morrisville, Pennsylvania
(p.s.- This list is in no particular order of rank)
Mickey Factz- Talk your ish

Talk Yo Ish (Machine Drum Remix) - Mickey Factz (

Charles Hamilton-Brighter Days

Blu-Cold Hearted

Kid Cudi-Day 'N' Night

Pac Div- Paper Feat. TiRon

Cory Gunz- Son of a Gun(prod. By Ryan Leslie

Asher roth-Cartoon chick (lmao)

In the school of hip hop, these freshman on my dean's list

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mickey does it again


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cory gunz and my nigga Mickey Factz freestyle

can u say the future of hip hop......

Kanye West x Louis Vuitton sneakers

Kanye west has another collaborative shoe coming out with Louis Vuitton. He was rocin them to a visit to the Louis Vuitton store

“I was just showing them my new Louis’. I can’t show you too much of that though. These are not coming out until June.”

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nuffin, Just Chillin

Black sunn & 810

Black Sunn & 810, Been my niggas since middle school but bigger than that they been holdin the Bmore rap game down for some time now. People If u lookin for true hip hop do me a favor and check them out.

Black Sunn

Last days

hey people of my generation, we need to wake up. The government is using media media and other tactics to keep the people in a distracted naive bubble and they are doing a good job of it. Sound far fetched, well it wont be in a couple years. I researched and read a couple books on the European and north American union and there plans to control the world. I also did some reading in the bible, and it talks about some of the same stuff thats going on in our world today and stuff that is going to happen in the future. Stuff which involes the verichip, social manipulation/ruling the world, and the place and direction this world is going. Its might be a tuff life for a christian in this society im discussing. If Your not a christian,there is still some usefull information u can get from this. FOR THE SAKE OF BEING INFORMED PLEASE WATCH THESE VIDEOS, its a scary world we are going to come up in, we need to stop being naive and make a stand.
Watch this first

Then this

It's Mickey!

The next big thing outta New York, if you know me, I know you heard me say this before but but this nigga is ill, and his flow is insane, Check out his mixtapes, u will be pleased. Out of all the new rappers I heard this guy is the best, that's just my opinion, but just type his name in youtube, you'll prolly find yourself downloading a mixtape.

im back from hiatus, ({[UPDATE}])

Inno i Havn't wrote in a while....sorry, i just been lazy as hell, that's what to much of being home will do. Happy belated 2009 peoples, Im making minor changes but for the most part im tryna do things better. I miss my Morgan fam, I'll see u guys in a few weeks. But other than that , I been chillin as usual. My school break is way to long, Never thought i would be sayin that but i guess it's a good thing. If it wasn't for my xbox 360,FIFA, and ninja gaiden, I dont think i would have bade it through the break. You know u been bored when ur parents tell you u been playin x box tooo much. But theres nothing else to do lol. Oh yea how bout them ravens. Mark my words, RAVENS WINNING THE SUPERBOWL. I'm going to end on that note. peace