Sunday, December 28, 2008

Teriyaki Boyz Feat. Pharrell & Chris Brown work that

japanese rump shaker video smh.....idk y i like it but it's catchy. The teriyaki boyz and Pharrell do it again, this time wit Chris brown, enjoy

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Been uncool before uncool was cool and been hated since middle school

For most of my life I been a loner. I was lookin at my middle school year books today and it brought back memories of my childhood. It made me laugh. Gym Class heroes CD title As Cruel as School children is really true. I had to be the most hated guy in my graduating class in middle School, all because nobody understood me. I was very quiet,didn't talk to to many and people hated me because of it. What they didn't understand was that I had a huge problem with school and only wanted to be there to handle business and go on about my business. I only had a few friends there and they still my niggas till today, because they took time to get to know me rather than put lables on me. but the point is, is that I always been a lone wolf. I never needed a lot of friends, never had a whole lot of friends. I was never the poplarist of students,I always kinda keep to myself. Even with SOME of my friends, in my mind I see myself as a stand out. I do have friends whom I believe are just like me and for the most part they have the same mind set, with minor differences. But being different is cool in my book. If everyone likes you, thats not always a good thing. Beging an uncool loner isn't soo bad so I took the cool kid lyric(Been uncool before uncool was cool) and put my own twist to it (and been hated since middle school). You may ask where im going with this, no where in particular, this is just a random thought I had today in the universal mind of twilight zone. In the words of Lupe "This is the mind of Lupe, Just make sure my mic's on when I Twilight Zone, Zone, Zone, Zone"

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pharell and Kanye

Check out these dudes,The freshest dudes I ever seen, This is a pic from the the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 09 men's wear show in Paris France. One day I'll be at this status

Sooner or Later Official Music video

This is one of my favorite songs from Seeing Sounds. Every time I hear it I think back to the N.E.R.D/ Common souled out show and how hype this song was. Well I'm tired of talking so here you go......

Behind the Scenes....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Q-Tip vivrant thing Ft. Prince Live in concert with other hits

My man tip killed this concert and Prince come outta know where during Vivrant thing. Then he go to other hits like award tour and getting up from The Renaissance.....damn this look like a live ass concert, wish i was there please check this out.

clinton sparks interviews common

I haven't copped the album yet but I will soon enuff. Peep this common flow in this freestyle........SICK

N.A.S.A. ft. Kanye West, Santogold & Lykke Li - Gifted

Awsome track, might cop dis N.A.S.A shit

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Waiting for H.E.R.

Where she at?Im waitin for the girl that complete me. A girl on my level. A girl that can help me. A girl that's my friend.A girl that fine. Where she at? It's hard to find a girl out here that has all that but thats ok im not that picky lol. But on the real im tired of all the girls wit big mouths and curse a lot. If u talkin to your girls at another end of the cafeteria, I shouldn't be able to tell you what your talkin bout....Damn. Im also tired of the cocky ass high maintnace chicks. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE HIGHMAINANCE CHICKS, but damn, if a dude come up to you dont think you too good to be in his presence lol. U NOT A DIVA, dont let Beyonce's single get you twisted lol. I want the kinda girl jamaraquai talks about in cosmic girl, "sends me into hyperspace when I see her pretty face". Its hard to find one that has not crazy or has a stink ass personality or has some of those qualities i stated before, but i know she out there so until then, I'm waiting for H.E.R.

p.s- im not talking about a specific person because I don't even know who H.E.R is yet

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Why kanye should be respected and why he is another one of my Role models

I want everybody to think back and try to remember the Kanye West during and before the time of college dropout. Do you remember? Can you remember how hungry this dude was (not saying that he isn't now)? Remember when Kanye had something to prove? The times when he wasn't equally respected as a rapper and a producer. One thing that I said before and I will say again, Kanye's attitude toword the rap game/music industry as a whole, and pop culture, I would say personally is nearly unmatched. When I think about the term bleeding on the track I automaticly think about Kanye. I can honestly say when Kanye makes a track he puts everything he has on it.Even with 808 and Heartbreaks, everyone does't like it but you can never say he didn't put all he had in that shit. Lets refresh your memory of that hungry Kanye I was talking about.....

Since then Kanye has proven a lot and has came a long way but still doesn't get the respect he deserves and is the topic of many critics. The way Kanye handles his critics is part of the reason he is one of my many role models. Im gonna start of by saying Kanye has more swagger than anyone I have ever seen. Its like he knows his quality of music and stands by it. Kanye delivers a product on a whole new level. He produces, raps and directs his own videos at a very high quality level. Another thing i like about him is his attitude and confidence. He feels like he is the best at what he does and for the most part he backs it up. Thinking back to the time when he crashed the EMA's when he lost music video of the year to Justice V Simian. Yo was so confident in his work. Kanye said in quote "This video cost a million dollars fam, I had Pam Anderson....Im jumpin across canyons and shit!". Sure it was arrogant but it goes to show how much work he put in that video to deliver a product. And he was right, he should have one because that other video sucked. People can benefit from that kinda cofidence and swagger like that. I to have that same kinda swagger about shit I do.Kanye is a future legend. Check out this more recent Kanye.....

"Im like a machine, Im a robot, you can not offend a robot"

Pac Div

these dudes can really spit. For all the rap new rap groups in the genre like the cool kids, the knux,(not knocking them cause they all good) and etc i think these guys are the best. If you havn't heard from the which you probably have but if not check them out.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I just learned that Cheap Monday's creator is a is against Christianity. Bjorn Atldax the creator of the brand said this about his clothing line in quote “It is an active statement against Christianity,” and “I’m not a Satanist myself, but I have a great dislike for organized religion.” He also said he has a purpose beyond selling denim which is to make young people question Christianity, which he called a “force of evil” that had sparked wars throughout history. I also found out in there logo is satanic. It is a skull with a upside down cross on the forehead which is a emblem of satanism for some.

Here's the logo. Check the reverse cross on his head...

For all my fellow Christians please be aware of what you buy, listen to, or associate yourself with.

God Bless

New Year New state of mind

Im soo lookin forward to the break. School is gettin on my nerves, work is gettin on my nerves, im just stressed out but imma make it threw tho, lord willing. I just can't wait to kick this new year off. Im tryna better my self in every way,with regards to religion, my attitude, my style, everything. Im trying to make a bit of a transformation for the better.Im also tryna get more into media. I plan to get more invovled with the T.V and Radio station at my school (Morgan State).Im also starting a lil show on my blog if you havn't noticed. And im officially announcing tonight Im running for MR Junior for next yr. Its so outta my nature but that's the best par about it. can you picture Zamark Fleming as Mr Junior lol prolly not and that's how i like it.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My first vid-shop gentei

bmore freshness from Zamark Fleming on Vimeo.

This video not done, got more to add hence the to be continued at the end but yea this my first vid, not perfect but will get better with every vid, look at this as a prototype. Tell me what think......peace and much love

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Play cloths

The Clipse recently dropped a clothing line called "Play Cloths" and this shit is hot. It was released at Commonwealth last Friday and if your into urban fashion you HAVE to check it out. Imma have to make a trip to DC to cop some. Here are some pictures, you be the judge.


For the past few days i been listening to Q-Tip's album the Renaissance and its one of my favorite albums this year. You can tell this man man put every thing he has into this album. He is the true definition of a hip-hop artist. He produced all his songs on hos CD except for one called Move which was produced by none other than J Dilla. His lyrics are sick and his flow comes so natural, it's like it's second nature to him. My favorite part of the CD is that its a conscious record. None of the songs are derogatory in any way. This man is a true role model for me. From the times of A Tribe Called Quest all the way up to now, he's just been an inspiration to me. His chill demeanor and positivity is something I admire. I try to carry myself in a similar way. But yea if your looking for hip hop to listen to, PLEASE check out The Renaissance.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


YES WE CAN...NO,YES WE DID! I'm am truly thankful to have had the opportunity to vote in this election. I feel like I'm apart of history now. This was the most important election for me and African Americans across the nation. Not saying that we as a people voted for him just because he was black because statistics show otherwise, but because our forefathers faught so hard for an opertunity like this. This is more evidence that our forefathers blood, sweet and tears weren't in vain. From times of slavery, all the way up to Dr. King and cival rights, none of it was in vain. I remember growing up , we didn't beleive it was possible to have a black president and now its finally here. And we couldn't have a better representative for our people and our country. Barack Obama is a great man. I can proudly say he is my president. A lot of people couldn't say that with previous presidents. I feel like when i grow old I can have a story to tell my kids and grand kids.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Common Signing My hat

This is footage from the N*E*R*D/Common souled out show. In the very beginning of this video u will see My white stussy hat getting takin back from Common from when he signed it. pay close attention

Will NEVER forget this

Sunday, October 19, 2008

J Dilla

My friend Adam posted J Dilla's beat Heavenly yesterday and it reminded me how great of a producer he was. I have always loved his work but its been a while since I actually sat down and listened to his beats and songs he produced. He is defiantly one of the best producers that lived. My personal favorite is Wont Do, the instrumental and the actual song. The Beat Heavenly made me think back to all the great work he has done and it also made me think about the fact he cant make work like this again. If you ever get a chance look this man up on youtube and listen to some of his work, it is truly genius.

Wont do - J Dilla (AKA Jay Dee)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kanye West

A lot of people been talking a lot of stuff about Kanye just because he changing up his style for his next album. A lot of people are saying negative stuff about him by saying he not a real hip hop artist, and saying he changing into an R&B singer. Kanye West is a musical genius, people just need to be open to new things. Its so many people that say they love music and they only love one type of music. People need to open there minds and get off the same shit. Personally Kanye is one of my favorite artist no mater what anyone says. He produces, raps, sings, and he is one of the best dressed emcees out there(that means something to me). This dude puts all he has in his music, videos, and performances, who can't respect that? The best way to describe Kanye is a musical Entrepreneur. He is introducing something new....something different to the game. Whether you appreciate it or not, don't disrespect this man's talent as a musician.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Feelin It

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Universal Mind Control--Common Feat. Pharrell

The first time I heard this song was live at the N*E*R*D/Common Souled Out Concert. This is one of the new song from Common's new album, and one of my favorite songs he performed at the concert. ENJOY

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I used to love HER


N*E*R*D/Common Souled out show

The N*E*R*D Souled out show was amazing. To add on to the great experience, I was literally two feet from the stage. The show kicked off with N*E*R*D and they killed it. As soon as Pharrell came out people went crazy. They came out singing Anti Matter and every knew the words. The best part is when they got to "MUTHA FUCKA ARE YOU ADHD" every one was jumping around and singing, it was crazy. Two of my friends got the privelege of going on stage with him......jealous but its what ev lol. Everything about there performance was GREAT. Then Common came out and own the stage. He sang 8 songs thats gonna be on his next album which is produced by N*E*R*D. Near the end of his performance, he freestyled for what had to be almost 10 minutes while signing my HAT. Common seem like a mad cool dude. The man gave me dap while he was on stage....shit was crazy man.....Best concert EVER.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fast life

Remember this???

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Does he win???

The first time he saw her he was at a lost of words,
He contemplated talking to her but couldn't build his courage,
For she was a ten in his eyes, and a girl of high maintenance,
And he was just a regular joe , a guy who wanted to go places,
His boys beat him down,called him a bitch,every man knows how this feels, he was pissed,
And he went home with many regrets, saying and promising the next time wont be like this,
So the next day he saw her he said this is my chance,
He walked up to her and said hi with a nervous glance,
She said..........
To be continued
(just a poem, not talkin bout anybody so chills.has a message)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Next on my HOLY GRAIL LIST!!

I saw this sickness this morning on hypebeast and was speechless. YO I NEED THESE!! lol Imma have to find a place where I can buy these especially since i don't see a lot of people wearing pumas. I just thought I should share the sickness with you all. I will have this, I must lol

Status Update

Inno I haven't wrote on here in a while, I been busy like crazy. With all the school work, my job, and just networking its been crazy but this school year this far has been iight. Meet some pretty cool people, pretty girls, and new shoppin spots. I got big ambitions for this year. Between Lax and Mass comm (Morgan radio&T.V station), school work, and work I dont know how imma do it but I imma do it. This gonna be one of the most important school yrs of my life. Im still tryna get the internship with hypebeast so wish me luck. If I don't get it i have to get one somewhere else. Im lookin at different t.v stations for internships too so I hope somethin falls thru. But yea thats an update on my status so far......

Monday, August 25, 2008

Black Sunn

just supporting my niggas music. If into real Hip hop music. this is what your looking for, Real Shit.

Download here:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nas Fox protest "Sly Fox"

This has been on youtube for a min but for the people who didn't see it, here you go.
Nas's protest against racist fox

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Favorites shoes commin out in the fall of 08: Holy Grails

Well theres a lot of hot sneaks coming out this fall, to many to write on so I'm going give you my favorites. First lets talk about SB. My favorite pair of SB's coming out are the Aqua mid dunks. They are set to come out in a few weeks. The next shoes have already dropped this month but I'll put them up anyway. The Air Jordan Retro 19/ Air Jordan 4 Double pack. Crazy combination and crazy price ($310). Last but not least the silver Metallic Supras. Since I missed out on the 14k gold Supras and the 413 Silver and turquoise, i will defiantly be trying to cop these. These hit select sneaker and skate shops either this week or next week. Don't Be surprised if you see me in them.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Nigo is the creator of Bape a.k.a Bathing Ape, which launched in the early 90s. Back then Bape was just a line of unique and fashionable T-Shirts that featured cartoon apes and camo designs. A couple years later he also moved to designing sneakers which became popular with sneakers heads worldwide. Bape became a street fashion empire. Now Nigo has Bape stores all around the world, in places such as Japan of course, New York, L.A., London, Hong Kong, and Taipei. The Bape clothing line was inspired by one of his favorite movies "The Planet of th Apes". Nigo is also the DJ and fashion coordinator for j-Hip hop group "The Teriyaki Boyz" whom always sport Bape, and if you seen these guys, you know these some fresh dudes. Nigo is also popular with hip hop artist from the states. He's Made songs with Kanye, Pharrell, Busta Rhymes, and he is friends with Jay-Z.He collaborated with Pharrell with his BBC (Billionaire Boys Club)clothing line.Nigo has also opened up his own cafe, his own T.V. station (Bape T.V), and he owns several million dollar cribs. I look up to this guy. His success is a huge inspiration. He has to be a very smart guy to be this successful.

Hip Hop, plain and simple

The Roots and the Tribe called Quest,Consequence and Rahzel have fun freestyling on Lorna's Corner around 1995
Damn I wanted to see tip spit, oh well enjoy

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Damn summer almost over and its not like it use to be. I remember when I was a kid I used to live for summer but know its just another season. I guess age an responsibility really changes things. I never thought I'd be sayin this but I can't wait to go back to school (college). I remember when i was younger we would be out side all day playin, doing stuff we wasn't suppose to, swimming, water fights,Tag, hide n seek, pick up football, riding bikes and wheelie contest, everything. And when Summer now is centered around work, money, and chillin when u get a chance. Its crazy how things change when you get older.

Teriyaki boyz,

Inno they're a Japanese group but these dome fresh dudes. I really admire these guys freshness.This is a random post but fuck it

Monday, June 30, 2008

HOV @ Glastonbury

Jay Z is the true Jordan of the game. He killed the Glastonbury festival. Noel Gallagher said in quote "Jay Z would have no fucking chance at Glastonbury", and Jay Z made him eat every word. At the beginning of the concert he, came out singing one of Gallagher's songs "wonderfalls" mocking him, and then afterwards he performed "99 problems" directing the chorus to him ("99 problems but a bitch ain't one"). Jay showcased some of his greatest hits and had the crowd screaming JAY Z JAY Z JAY Z. HOV made history there, He as the FIRST Hip Hop act to make headlines in Glastonbury. HOV still got it.
You can see it all here :

Friday, June 27, 2008

Chad Muska

Many have known this man just to be an amazing skateboarder, but he is much more. Chad was born in Ohio but later moved to Arizona where he first started skateboarding. Chad's parents got divorced and since things weren't good at home he moved on his own to California as a teen. After a few years of grinding and struggling in Cali, Chad got picked up by a major skateboard sponsor and became a Successful professional skateboarder. Over the span of his successful career, he developed many sponsors such as Supra, Toy machine, Element Skateboards, C1RCA, KR3W , and Shorty's. Some of these sponsors set free his passion for designing clothing and shoes. He is the designer behind the famous Chad Muska Supra Skytops. After his success in skateboarding, he set on a different path, MUSIC. He produced a hip hop album called MuskaBeatz featuring renown artist such as Afrika Bambaataa, Reakwon, Special Ed, KRS-One, Biz Markie, Flava-Flav, Ice-T, and Prodigy. Chad can also be found Dj-ing around LA. Chad Muska is a Skateboarder, clothing designer, music producer, a straight up entrepreneur, and a man to be admired .

The Glow in the Dark Tour

The Glow in the dark tour has been a big success. Every review I have read so far has said it was a great show. From what I read and heard, the affects were was one of the best parts of the Show. And you can't beat the performers of the concert. Kanye is a born entertainer, and he prides himself one pleasing his fans. Lupe, N.E.R.D, and Rihanna are prone to have great performances due to there successful album releases (The cool, Seeing Sound, Good girl gone Bad: reloaded). In my opinion, any show with Kanye, Lupe, and Pharrell on the same stage, will be a great show.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Air yeezys release

The approximate air yeezy release date has been released!Some sources say that they are prepared to release in late August or early September but nothing is sneakerheads everywhere need to get there money ready because when they do release, it will only be for a limited amount of time. New color ways have also leaked. Kanye has been seen posted with tan, red and white yeezy's on his feet. There has also been a pair designed for Tinker Hatfield, a co-creator of the shoe.