Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Favorites shoes commin out in the fall of 08: Holy Grails

Well theres a lot of hot sneaks coming out this fall, to many to write on so I'm going give you my favorites. First lets talk about SB. My favorite pair of SB's coming out are the Aqua mid dunks. They are set to come out in a few weeks. The next shoes have already dropped this month but I'll put them up anyway. The Air Jordan Retro 19/ Air Jordan 4 Double pack. Crazy combination and crazy price ($310). Last but not least the silver Metallic Supras. Since I missed out on the 14k gold Supras and the 413 Silver and turquoise, i will defiantly be trying to cop these. These hit select sneaker and skate shops either this week or next week. Don't Be surprised if you see me in them.

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