Saturday, September 27, 2008

Status Update

Inno I haven't wrote on here in a while, I been busy like crazy. With all the school work, my job, and just networking its been crazy but this school year this far has been iight. Meet some pretty cool people, pretty girls, and new shoppin spots. I got big ambitions for this year. Between Lax and Mass comm (Morgan radio&T.V station), school work, and work I dont know how imma do it but I imma do it. This gonna be one of the most important school yrs of my life. Im still tryna get the internship with hypebeast so wish me luck. If I don't get it i have to get one somewhere else. Im lookin at different t.v stations for internships too so I hope somethin falls thru. But yea thats an update on my status so far......

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