Thursday, May 7, 2009

No More Gentei

I went out to camp for the Air Yeezys on Thursday the 28th at 5:30 pm for a may 2nd 12:00am release at this local Boutique called shop Gentei That I have been loyal to for
years. I am even part of there street team and promote for them all around
Baltimore. So when me and my friend Mike arrive at shop gentei, there was
already ten people in line so we checked in the store to see how many shoes
they had left. They told me and my friend that they had 2 pair left out of 12
pairs, so we hopped on the pair QUICK and signed for the last 2 pairs. So at
that point the pair was guranteed to us. With tht being said we started our
camp and stayed over night in the cold and rain. The next day around 12:00pm
they call the line into the store to re do the list and i notice there was only
10 slots for the shoes. They told me and my friend we only have 10 pair and
bumped us off the list after we spent 24 plus hours camping outside in the cold
in rain in a fold up chair. They didn't even try to resolve the issue. All of
us in line came to the conclusion that they sold pairs that were guranteed to
friends and employees, because one of the guys (an affiliate of the store)
arrogantly walked out the store with a box in front of is in line and a
employee that works there told him "you know you can get killed for those
right?". And later we went to the malla and saw a different guy with the
yezzy and he said he knew oliver (the guy who owns the store). Being that
gentei was the only boutique in baltimore that had em, he had to get them from
them. SO they sold our guranteed pair. Me and some of my friends i meet
in line have been telling this story of how they did us wrong to different
people, I wrote and exposed what they done on there facebook and myspace, but
my friend took it even higher on nike talk. They wrote about how messed up they
were on nike talk and a lot of people heard about it and it affected
olivers and genteis name. so this is what he did in disrespect to us,


he took a pic of the yeezy in the toilet like it was our pair, and called them

ugly and then disrespected me and everyone else in line who waited in the rain
while he sold pair that were guaranteed to his good friends. The evidence is all here that
they don't care about customer loyalty and people who actually support them,
they just care about the money. Now I'm laughing at the fact that its actually blowing up. This discussion about how crooked Gentei is has been on blogs, nike talk, everywhere. Lets see how far it goes.

Forward this to Nike and Kanye

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Anonymous said...

OMG! that is fucked, i will forward it to kanye because its not fair...