Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kanye West

A lot of people been talking a lot of stuff about Kanye just because he changing up his style for his next album. A lot of people are saying negative stuff about him by saying he not a real hip hop artist, and saying he changing into an R&B singer. Kanye West is a musical genius, people just need to be open to new things. Its so many people that say they love music and they only love one type of music. People need to open there minds and get off the same shit. Personally Kanye is one of my favorite artist no mater what anyone says. He produces, raps, sings, and he is one of the best dressed emcees out there(that means something to me). This dude puts all he has in his music, videos, and performances, who can't respect that? The best way to describe Kanye is a musical Entrepreneur. He is introducing something new....something different to the game. Whether you appreciate it or not, don't disrespect this man's talent as a musician.

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