Tuesday, October 7, 2008

N*E*R*D/Common Souled out show

The N*E*R*D Souled out show was amazing. To add on to the great experience, I was literally two feet from the stage. The show kicked off with N*E*R*D and they killed it. As soon as Pharrell came out people went crazy. They came out singing Anti Matter and every knew the words. The best part is when they got to "MUTHA FUCKA ARE YOU ADHD" every one was jumping around and singing, it was crazy. Two of my friends got the privelege of going on stage with him......jealous but its what ev lol. Everything about there performance was GREAT. Then Common came out and own the stage. He sang 8 songs thats gonna be on his next album which is produced by N*E*R*D. Near the end of his performance, he freestyled for what had to be almost 10 minutes while signing my HAT. Common seem like a mad cool dude. The man gave me dap while he was on stage....shit was crazy man.....Best concert EVER.

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