Thursday, November 20, 2008


For the past few days i been listening to Q-Tip's album the Renaissance and its one of my favorite albums this year. You can tell this man man put every thing he has into this album. He is the true definition of a hip-hop artist. He produced all his songs on hos CD except for one called Move which was produced by none other than J Dilla. His lyrics are sick and his flow comes so natural, it's like it's second nature to him. My favorite part of the CD is that its a conscious record. None of the songs are derogatory in any way. This man is a true role model for me. From the times of A Tribe Called Quest all the way up to now, he's just been an inspiration to me. His chill demeanor and positivity is something I admire. I try to carry myself in a similar way. But yea if your looking for hip hop to listen to, PLEASE check out The Renaissance.

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