Sunday, November 30, 2008

My first vid-shop gentei

bmore freshness from Zamark Fleming on Vimeo.

This video not done, got more to add hence the to be continued at the end but yea this my first vid, not perfect but will get better with every vid, look at this as a prototype. Tell me what think......peace and much love


Toné said...

cool vid!
the gear is hot.

The Black Sunn said...

put it on youtube too, do u have an account?

chill till infinity said...

yea i got one,I'll put it up, i promise my next one will be better
my next project is yaw interview

and thanks tone

Manny said...

good video.... cant wait to work with you on the next video... thnx the the shout at the end...

-Manny Fresh