Thursday, December 18, 2008

Been uncool before uncool was cool and been hated since middle school

For most of my life I been a loner. I was lookin at my middle school year books today and it brought back memories of my childhood. It made me laugh. Gym Class heroes CD title As Cruel as School children is really true. I had to be the most hated guy in my graduating class in middle School, all because nobody understood me. I was very quiet,didn't talk to to many and people hated me because of it. What they didn't understand was that I had a huge problem with school and only wanted to be there to handle business and go on about my business. I only had a few friends there and they still my niggas till today, because they took time to get to know me rather than put lables on me. but the point is, is that I always been a lone wolf. I never needed a lot of friends, never had a whole lot of friends. I was never the poplarist of students,I always kinda keep to myself. Even with SOME of my friends, in my mind I see myself as a stand out. I do have friends whom I believe are just like me and for the most part they have the same mind set, with minor differences. But being different is cool in my book. If everyone likes you, thats not always a good thing. Beging an uncool loner isn't soo bad so I took the cool kid lyric(Been uncool before uncool was cool) and put my own twist to it (and been hated since middle school). You may ask where im going with this, no where in particular, this is just a random thought I had today in the universal mind of twilight zone. In the words of Lupe "This is the mind of Lupe, Just make sure my mic's on when I Twilight Zone, Zone, Zone, Zone"


The Black Sunn said...

i definitely feel this man

chill till infinity said...

thanks yo

Tony Toni Toné said...

I can relate.
I was a loner in
middle school too