Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Year New state of mind

Im soo lookin forward to the break. School is gettin on my nerves, work is gettin on my nerves, im just stressed out but imma make it threw tho, lord willing. I just can't wait to kick this new year off. Im tryna better my self in every way,with regards to religion, my attitude, my style, everything. Im trying to make a bit of a transformation for the better.Im also tryna get more into media. I plan to get more invovled with the T.V and Radio station at my school (Morgan State).Im also starting a lil show on my blog if you havn't noticed. And im officially announcing tonight Im running for MR Junior for next yr. Its so outta my nature but that's the best par about it. can you picture Zamark Fleming as Mr Junior lol prolly not and that's how i like it.

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