Thursday, September 17, 2009

BP3 and Man on the Moon: The End of the Day

The other day I Copped both Jay Z and Kid Cudi's(not i say copped, go buy and support the Artist people) Album and they were both great. A lot of people I know said they weren't feeling Jays new Album because its not on the calibure of Old Jay-z's work. Im fellin the new album. My favorite track is the 1st one "what we talkin about". The Lyric Beat and hook on that song are crazy.Other track i really like are Empire State of Mind, Real As It Gets, A Star is born, Already Home, Hate, So Ambitious, and forever young.

BP3 Pictures, Images and Photos

As for Cudi's "Man on the Moon;End of the Day" i could really relate to it. Any person who has stuck out or has been a stand out can relate to this album. Any guy who has been picked on, clowened, called a clown or even got the fair share of rejections from girls can relate lol. My fav tracks are Heart of a Lion, Cudi Zone, Soundtrack 2 my Life, Solo Dolo and My World. My world is inspiring because i have the seam dream of being big one day and say I told you so to A lot of people. Here's Cudi's breakdown of the Album:

Part 2

Can't wait for the Man on the Moon: The Ghost and the Machine

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