Thursday, September 24, 2009

King Mez LLTK and The Elite

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I just listened to King Mez's LLTK (Long Live The King) mixtape and it was great. People who follow my Blog probably have seen the articale I did on Mez a little while back. Well people, he has a new Mixtape out that you all should definitely check out. This man made major move this summer, he went as far as to even get his music on iTunes. He also got illroots looking out for him and for who follow hip hop know that's a big name blog in hip hop. What else is there to say this man is on his way, check out his mixtape, you wont be displeased. I literally liked every track on it from the intro Hail (which was smooth) to the outro.

My favorite tracks are Hello , Sweeny, The No Shows and Steel Stainless. Hello couldn't have been a better song to open his mixtape with and there couldn't be a better beat to spit on other than public service announcement. He killed it, my favorite verse was when he said "you can't battle me cuz u need the number to the moon just to phone me", he killed it!

Sweeny: The Beat for Sweeny was ill.......period and he delivers on the beat and so does his vocalist (whom i think is his girl) and feature Rex. Ruger.

The No Shows: This song shows that Mez can Produce As well as rap, this is why this is one of my favs.

Steel Stainless: This song features him and The Lazeretto Crew, the rap group he's apart of back in his hometown of Riley North Carolina. They all go in on this song and the beat is RAW. This my most Fav track on the tape.

Sooooo..... check out Mez's:
Blog (you can download the mixtape here)
Facebook Fanpage
And new song By the members of The Elite Called Formula One feat. Mez Mazon and Debo Roc
Download HERE
get a twitter bro lol.

Also check out Hip Hop Association he and 6 other hip hop artist started @ Morgan State called The Elite. I went to the intrest meeting today and it was great. I a huge hip hop networking affair. so def check it out. For more infor visit there blog HERE