Saturday, March 7, 2009

In a moment, anything can change

This morning , March 6th around four o' clock. That's when everything happened, but lets start from the beginning. Me and my mans Slick, Winzlow, are at Morgan view playing street fight IV chillin waitin for this party one of our friends was throwing that night to pop off so we can go and have fun. We were all hype as shit to go to this party, our friend Tim came through and he was ready to go aswell, but our only problem at that point was transportation. The ride we was suppose to have bailed out on us because he was on a date and we thought our night was done there, maybe it should have. We were calling all around for rides to get to this party but no one answered or people were already doing stuff. We finally got a call from our friend who was throwing the party and he said he would pick us up so we were happy as hell. So he comes through and picks us up we get to the party and everyone starts to settle in and take a few drinks. I decided not to drink because I don't really drink and I wanted to look out for my friends. As the night progresses people have there fun, but after a while me and my friends were ready to go, and it goes down hill from here. Our friend who drove us to the party was to buzzed to drive us back and i can respect him not wanting to, not did I want to be in the passenger of a drunk driver. Our other friend had a car full of people and he was kinda buzzed to so we are now faced with the situation of what to do. We eventually get tired of waiting and we said lets just walk. So as we start to walk this girl from the party said " Are you guys walking?" and "Do you need a ride?" we say yea and she goes to get her friend. He friend say " yea I'll give you a ride its to dangerous for you guys to walk at this time in baltimore" so we say ok because she seemed very sober at the time. So me my friend Slick, Winzlow, and Tim all pile in the back seat of this car because its a short ride. So we are coming down cold spring and this @*&#(! starts to speed up. She was doing 80 on loch raven blvd and around this corner on a wet street, so you could probably guess what happened. He car hydroplanes and starts to spin out in the street. We did like three spins in the street fast to the point where I looked out the window and couldn't tell what I what direction we were going or spinning (reminder we were ding 80 befor e we started to spin so we were spinning fast). We spin up onto this curb and the cub stops the spin but it doesn't stop the car. When we went onto the curb, I peep out my window and i saw this steet light an thats when i thought my life was over. I thought everything was done. Me and all my niggas was in the backsaeat screamin and holdin on to each other for dear life, no homo at all. Before we could hit this streetlight we hit a stop sign which stoped the car. The Car almost rolled over but it managed to tip back over on all four wheels. I was setting on the door side of the car where the sign hit. There was a huge dent in the door and its a miricle from GOD that didn't break or sevor any part of me. It's a miricle from GOD that a we all came out unscaved. Forreal me and my mans slick coulda been clean thru the backseat window, but GOD is good. So after all this im trying to get out the car but of coarse my side is dented and jamed shut. Im cursing out this girl and calling her out her name telling her to open the fuckin door and to stop moving the car because this chick tried to pull off somewhere after all that shit. I never came closer to hitting a girl in my life, my fist was balled and everything, and im totally agaist that stuff but when it come to your life and the lives of your friends you'll do anything. So she lets us out and my frien tim was nice enough to stay back and try to help her fix her tire. I wasn't hearing that shit so i stated my walk back to morgan. My niggas slick and winzlow walked with me and we coldn't stop thanking God for what he did for us that night. We were calling people and we were just at a state of amazement like it still hasn't dawned on me yet. I didn't even sleep well, i think i got about 2 hours. I never been that close to death in my life and it I truly believe GOD save us that night. It also played as a wake up call for us. I just want to tell whomever reads my blog, DO NOT TAKE LIFE FOR GRANTED.THANK GOD EVERY DAY YOU WAKE UP AND PRAY TO HIM EVERY NIGHT. A couple of seconds can change everything. God is the only explaination for that. I honestly belive that was a miracle, i believe without a dought we should have all been dead in the back seat. The front of the car where the driver was wasn't that bad but us in the back.....ONLY BY THE BRACE OF GOD.

I will never forget this day.......