Friday, March 6, 2009

Mos Def- The Rape Over (whitey supressing the truth)

this song was suppose to be on Mos Def's albulm ecstatic but when the final copy of the album was submitted the record label toke the track off the CD. They took this song off because they whit e people don't want us to know the truth about whats going on in this world and in the music industry. This is why a lot of great hip hop artist are not signed. They dont have the freedom to express themselves or put out the music they want. Some labels want artist to put out music that will make lots of money (pop) that my not neccessarily be good music. Good MC's don't want to be forced to put out music that's not good. As long as rappers put out music about killing thereselves it's alright but as soon as they cross the line and expose whitey for the twisted shit they do in this government, it gets deleted and blocked from the masses.

stay informed people, we need to open our eyes and wake up.....

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